Dried fruits

Concentrated energy

The enjoyment of dried fruits was discovered by chance in the Middle East. The prolongation of edibility by drying is the oldest method of preserving fruit over a long period of time. Sun, ovens and cookers are used for this purpose. Moisture is extracted from the fruit in this way. The impressive thing about this is that valuable contents such as fibre, minerals, trace elements and secondary plant substances are enriched. The fructose content increases to 60-70 % and provides energy for in-between meals.

A delicious alternative

DeliUniq offers dates, sultanas, mulberries, bananas, kiwis, plums, pineapples, figs, strawberries and pears. Different drying processes make these fruits edible for a long time. Dried fruits are nutritious snacks and excellent sources of energy – a healthy alternative to crisps and chocolate.

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