Cold-pressed and virgin oils

A distinction is made between cold-pressed, virgin and refined oils. Cold-pressed oils are mechanically pressed from seeds, nuts or fruits without the addition of heat. In contrast to virgin oils, roasting and heat treatment of the fruit is permitted. Native oils, on the other hand, are bottled directly after filtering. Native oils taste particularly aromatic as a result. Refined oils are produced by hot pressing of the fruit. Only through filtering does refined oil become edible. DeliUniq does not offer refined oils due to their inferior quality.

Edible oils are healthy

The “right” oils are healthy sources of fat and are an important contribution to a healthy diet. Whether used cold in dressings, to refine dishes or for frying – cooking oils can be used in many ways. The rumour that fats “make you fat” is now outdated and fatty acids contained in cooking oils are an important factor for the human metabolism.
From aromatic olive oils from the Mediterranean region to precious argan oil from Morocco, DeliUniq offers a wide variety of oils. We pay attention to the origin, purity and quality of the products.

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