Pistachios – The delicious protein snack

The pistachio is a plant species of the sumac family – its fruit is called a drupe.
Pistachios are an ideal and healthy snack. With their high vitamin B6, potassium and protein content, they are rich in nutrients.
It is impossible to imagine desserts such as ice cream, baklava, cakes or salads without pistachios.

Pistachios from Iran and USA

Originally, pistachio trees were found in Afghanistan and Iran. It was not until the 19th century that the USA imported the fruit to California and began cultivating it. Pistachios are now also grown in Turkey and Greece.
DeliUniq sources pistachios mainly from Iran and US. Here, pistachio cultivation is carried out according to centuries-old methods. We offer pistachios in different forms: salted, unsalted, and with and without shell.

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